RBAI Workshop for Veterinarians and Veterinary Nurses

Purpose: To promote a general discussion and analysis of "welfare" as it applies to everyday Veterinary activities (including Welfare Management in Abattoirs) and to reinforce the role of Veterinarians as primary "stakeholders" in all aspects of Animal Welfare

Course Content (9am- 6pm)

  • Introduction
  • The welfare and environmental implications of Government Policy "Food Harvest 2025"
  • History & Drivers of Welfare
  • Definitions
  • Sentience
  • Animal Suffering (and the many aspects of Suffering)
  • Welfare & Rights
  • The 5 Freedoms
  • Assessing Welfare
  • Applicable Legislation (esp. EC1099/2009 and it’s application in abattoirs)
  • Basic animal behaviour and its relevance to Lairage layout & structure
  • Stunning & Slaughter
  • DVD showing practicalities of "on the job activities"
  • Meat Quality Issues
  • Ritual Slaughter
  • Welfare aspects of "Canine Tail Docking", "Canine Breeding Policy", and the intensification of Farming
  • Review
  • Evaluation

Successful completion of this course will entitle participants to 11 continuing Veterinary Education (CVE) points under the Veterinary Council of Ireland registration system (There is an annual requirement of 20 CVE points to maintain registration with the Veterinary Council of Ireland)


9am Monday July 23rd 2018, Glen Royal Hotel, Maynooth

Fees: 225 euro per person

Booking ONLY THROUGH this website

Price: 225.00 EUR