Explain the key requirements of current legislation governing the management and operation of a premises handling and dispensing veterinary medicine and animal remedies  Explain the storage, handling, distribution and disposal requirements for animal remedies as required by current legislation

Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the labelling specifications of all categories of animal remedies stored on the premises, including the significance for users and animals of any restrictions, warnings or contra-indications on labels

Explain the role and duties of a "Responsible Person" deriving from current animal remedies regulations Explore the role of the major organ systems of the body and their relevance in animal health and welfare

Demonstrate a knowledge of animal nutrition and husbandry with particular reference to ruminant farm animals

Demonstrate an understanding of immunology in relation to farm animals

Explore a range of vaccination programmes and appropriate procedures relevant to current on-farm disease conditions, to include Bovine Viral Diarrhoea, Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis, Clostridial

Diseases, Leptospirosis, Salmonella, Eischeris Coli 

Demonstrate an understanding of on-farm 5 programmes related to strategic parasite control, with particular reference to anthelmintic resistance

Explain of the relevant aspects of a mastitis control programme

Explain the significance of antimicrobial resistance as a Public Health issue

Demonstrate an understanding of disease processes and in particular those that have a public health significance

Comply with the key responsibilities under current legislation and in particular those related to dispensing relevant prescription only medicine products under veterinary prescription

Demonstrate an understanding of adverse drug reaction (ADR) and the procedures for reporting to the relevant state agency

Explain the essentials of on-farm bio-security and the role of disinfectants 

Develop operational procedures for the supply, handling , storage, distribution and dispensing of animal remedies in line with current legislation and labelling requirements

Evaluate prescriptions presented having regard to the requirements of current legislation

Take responsibility for labelling Prescription Only Medicine (POM) animal remedies in accordance with current legislative requirements

Maintain the required stock movement documentation and record keeping processes including stock control

Devise processes for the safe storage and disposal of damaged and out of date product and packaging in compliance with current waste legislation

Communicate effectively with colleagues and clients in relation to the sale/supply of animal remedies and associated issues, particularly in regard to contraindications, restrictions and warnings

Implement the requirements pertaining to the dispensing of animal remedies as outlined in current regulations

Implement product auditing, stock control and Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR PROCEDURES)